On Tuesday, April 25, 2011, a gathering was held at the home of Cathy Felten, to discuss the possibility of forming a new Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild.  Those present were Shelley Butchen, Cathy Felten, Barbara Fredericks, Betty Goldberg, Ann Grootegoed, Carla Hamilton, Barbara Baker-Rosenberg, Leigh Shafer, Kristi Todd and Lil Wattenberg.


After some discussion, it was felt that there were enough interested needlepoint aficionados in the geographic area to support a Chapter, and a show of hands affirmed this decision.  Those present voted on a suggested list of names provided by Kristi at Leigh’s request, and it was decided to call the new Chapter, “Roadrunner Needlers.”


Ann Grootegoed volunteered for President, with other volunteers Leigh Shafer as Vice President, Programs/Workshops, Cathy Felten as Parliamentarian, Betty Goldberg as Membership, Barbara Fredericks as Secretary, Lil Wattenberg as Treasurer and Kristi Todd as Newsletter Editor.  Cathy Felten volunteered to develop our model By-laws and Kristi Todd volunteered to design a logo.


We quickly secured the use of the Sun City West Foundation Building as a meeting place and began recruitment of members.  Our membership quickly exceeded thirty people as word spread about our Chapter.   Cathy Ellis and Merry Gerdes volunteered to serve as Ways & Means Co-Chair and Arabella Gibson volunteered to be our Sunshine Person.  Karen Tidwell soon volunteered as Historian/Public Relations with Nancy Chapman as Website/Internet Liaison, Carol Stevenson as Hospitality and Mary Oster as Show & Tell.  We were all thrilled that our Board of Directors filled out so quickly!


Member Peggy Schuld and owner of Needlers Nest donated to the chapter the funds for our first year's rent at the Sun City West Foundation Building, and also donated supplies from the shop for Ways & Means for our first year.  With this generous financial support from Peggy, our Chapter was able to begin its life on solid financial footing.


With the assistance and support from our ANG Region Representative, Linda Kilgore, and Mary Smith, ANG Parliamentarian, and many hours and a lot of work by Cathy Felten, we completed the necessary requirements and became an officially recognized Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild with our Charter signed July 12, 2011.  Roadrunner Needlers was acknowledged at the Welcome Banquet at the 2011 ANG seminar in San Antonio, TX, as the newest ANG Chapter.  A name badge from our chapter stitched and finished by Kristi Todd, was added to the display of Chapter Name Badges.


One of our early programs was the stitching, and a secondary program of finishing, our name badges with its logo of a Roadrunner holding a threaded needle.


Kristi Todd


This article would not have been possible without the minutes from our first meeting.  Thanks to Secretary Barbara Fredericks for her thorough notes and for the assistance of Leigh Shafer and Cathy Felten for this compilation.